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Contact Us

You can contact the Penterry Church Committee by e-mailing info@penterry.org.uk.

Alternatively, telephone us:

Euan Kelway-Bamber (Chairman) - 01291 629904

Jacquie Bull (Secretary) - 01291 689305

Chris Balmer (Treasurer) - 01291 689661

Sarah Clay - 01291 630027

Cath Moss - 01291 680335

Fr. Michael Gollop (Parish Priest, St. Arvans with Penterry) - 01291 622064

If you would like to receive regular e-mail notification of Penterry news, please e-mail us at info@penterry.org.uk. It would be helpful if you include your name,address and telephone number. Your details will be kept securely, will only be used to keep you informed about Penterry events, and will not be shared with any third parties.